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THINX - a Period-Proof Approach to Fashion

Miki Agrawal

Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2017 Young Global Leader, Miki Agrawal ( is a social entrepreneur who has created innovative marketing pathways that effectively challenge outmoded cultural norms. Miki Agrawal’s marketing focus includes products traditionally “associated with shame,” and encompasses the disruptive bidet brand TUSHY ( and period-proof underwear company THINX.

An article in Forbes brought attention to Ms. Agrawal’s market-focused vision of changing the cultural taboos surrounding a very normal time of month. Designed with aesthetics in mind, the THINX panties are manufactured with leak-resistant, antimicrobial crotch areas that absorb the same amount of menstrual blood as a pad or two tampons, while leaving the wearer feeling dry underneath.
The issue of “menstrual shame” is particularly acute in the developing world, where fewer than half of girls attend secondary school, in large part because obtaining feminine hygiene products is beyond their means and it’s not considered acceptable to attend school while menstruating. For this reason, with each pair of panties sold, THINX contributed to Uganda-based AFRIPads, which has developed training programs for making and selling reusable pads. To date, Miki and THINX has helped over 60,000 girls go back to school.

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